A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

God is a Cube is a programming puzzle game where you control nanomachines (small robots), by creating powerful Artificial Intelligences made of graphical symbols.

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You can download the demo below  to get a preview of the game.

Install instructions

Extract the zip wherever you want, in a new folder. If you played a previous version of the game, you progress will be automatically transferred.


Windows Demo
Linux Demo
Mac Demo


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OMG, this looks SOO good!! Will you have an apk version?


I didn't test the game on mobile, but I started to work on a new version using Unity 2018 (the game is currently using Unity 2012). The game technology is very old, and some work should need to be done to work on most modern phones.

I guess I will think about that in 2021.

I REALLY hope you end up doing an apk version! Fingers crossed!