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"Your God asks for blood !"
- "My God asks for cubes."

As the Divine Warrior, your mission is to slain all the Cubes of Evil in the Dark Land Of No Return. But is there an end to evil?


Cube Chaser is a series of games made with as few resources as possible, and slowly evolving between each release (a kind of Evoland-like project).

Inspiration for the story starts from Chakan: The Forever Man (mostly the comics) and its perpetual fight against evil, and will slowly evolve towards Actraiser 1 and its link between Man, God, technology and social progress.

The games themselves are action-RPG, whose main inspiration is the Quintet Trilogy (Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma). If you don't know those games, think about Zelda with less items and more soul.

The project itself is also a journey to make better games and help people, so each release will have all its source code and documentation available.
Here is the technical game design document (click on the picture to zoom):

And the source code has been particularly refined to be readable, commented, and easy to modify with less than 10 lines per function:


- arrow keys to move the Divine Warrior
- F7 and F8 to resize the screen

Technical Details

The game is written with a minimal amount of technology and game design:

- only 1 variable in memory to run the game (an array of 90 integers with 3 preset values)
- no file reading
-- so texture generation by code
-- so using windows sounds
- 2 textures in memory 8x8 pixels black and white (a total of 128 pixels with 2 colors)
- 1 tile based layer (no sprites)
- 1 sound effect
- only arrows input
- no wall collision
- cell based movement
- no game engine (only windows forms)

The next game will have slightly more advanced features, technology and game design.

Documentation and Source Code

A full game system documentation is available in the folders.
The full game code is available in the folders (C#, Visual Studio).


I post mainly about cubes and programmer stuff:


Your ideas

The purpose is to make the game slightly evolve in the next release, the same way the 80s games became more and more complex. If you have ideas for the next game, post them below.  :)

Install instructions

Extract the archive. Launch the executable. Close the window or ALT+F4 to quit the game.



Development log

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